Tattered Social Club Series

Life ain’t easy on the South Side. This series is set on the south side of a large city where a new urban development regime has taken over and wants to overhaul the culture to make it more palatable to the downtown yuppies and suburbanites who want out of their city-life apartments and settle down in the refurbished neighborhoods popping up on this new trendy side of town. With land developers flooding in to make profits, the bidding wars have grown to bloated proportions and the hoods cultures and way of life is on the line. 

The Tattered Social Club is a tattoo-slash-cigar lounge that has been on the south side for generations. From Al Capone playing cards in the back room to JFK stepping in for a visit with one of the ladies, the shop has housed all the dirty secrets the city would rather forget. With contractors and wealthy, high-powered people trying to take over the area, the shop must fight to keep its sacred piece of real estate. And the Tattered men refuse to let the corruption move into their territory. 

This series consists of five books. Savior, Damaged, Safeword, Aces, and Liar. The books delve into the lives of these broken men as they try to make their way through life after pasts that were set to destroy them. 

This is a dark contemporary MM erotic romance series that touches on hard hitting subjects. The books are best read in order. There are no cliffhangers. Each book is a full length story.