We Love Boys Who Like Kissing Boys!


Welcome to the world of Boys Kissing Boys! If you love to read steamy, dark erotic romances then you’ve come to the right place. I’m currently taking requests to join my new review team. The content of my books are not for the faint of heart. The men in my stories are desperately broken, pasts laced with pain, and sometimes with futures dim at best. As you read, their journeys bring redemption for some and for others…they are beautifully flawed and remain that way. All my books consist of complete stories without any cliffhangers. I like to write series. From the hard streets on the wrong side of the city to the lush bayou, my settings lend a backdrop that becomes part of the story. I have many exciting new projects lined up for 2017! If you’d like to check out my titles, please see the navigation bar above.

Now for the fun stuff! I will be accepting six members at this time. The expectations will consist of a review on Amazon and Goodreads within one week from the release date. You will receive an advanced reader copy prior to the release date. I will add the six members to my mailing list so they can receive updates regarding new release schedules and giveaways. Yep, ya’ll get free goodies for participating. We’ll establish your formatting requirements for digital book copies and as the print copies become available and your review is posted, you will receive a signed print copy to keep or give away as a gift.

The deadline to send in your information will be December 9th, 2016. List Review Team in the title of the email. Please include your review process history, your Goodreads page, and what you love most about MM books. Once vetted, I’ll be randomly picking six names from the list. If your name is not chosen at this time, you will go on a waiting list then as someone leaves the team or can no longer post reviews per the guidelines, you will be contacted and offered a spot on the team.

Please email me at paulineallanerotica@yahoo.com to let me know if hot, sexy, broken heroes who happen to fall madly in love with each other are up your alley!



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