Please Welcome Dakota Trace!

3744330 - napa valley vineyard sunset on a grunge background.

Hi everyone, I’m Dakota Trace and I seriously need to thank Ms. Pauline for allowing me on her blog today. Perhaps she has never seen what one of my blog tours with my muse is like, or is just a brave soul, but either way, I’m happy to be here.  She has just delicious eye candy on her blog. YUM!

“Well, I don’t think this…”  *muse saunters in holding a cup of whipped cream*   “…would be a waste…in fact….*eyes several of the tattooed men* “…it could be put to good use…”

Ah, Livvy, I hate to break it to you, but most of those guys are gay…

*grins*  “So they think.  They’ve never met a muse bent on getting in their pants…”

Dear Lord, give me patience. *takes the cup*  Give me  that. There will be no tempting or corrupting the men of Tattered Club… .wait what I’m talking about. They’d corrupt you. Stay away from them. *shakes finger at muse*  You don’t need anymore ideas to drive me nuts with.

*smirks*  “You know forbidding me to do anything is a sure guarantee I’m going to do it….”

Damn it!  *turns to Pauline*  I’m so sorry…if she shows up at your house. Don’t let her in.  She’ll get your characters in all kinds of trouble…and if she gets a hold of your muse….*shudders*  Lord knows what you’ll end up writing. 

“Such a drama queen…”  *fingers flogger*   “One might think you’re ashamed of me, slave. Seriously what would you do without me? Write sweet romance.”  *blows raspberries*  “and go insane within in a week.  There’s a reason you were given me. You’re one kinky ass little bitch under that nice girl exterior….”

Dear lord, kill me now. *face heats*  We’re not here to talk about my proclivities, Livvy. Remember?   We’re here…

“To tell the readers about your new release and give them the scavenger piece for today….yeah I know, I know…” *mutters under breath something about a good flogging*   “Look, here’s the skinny.  Type in Whipped Cream into that rafflecopter thingy, for today….make sure you hit up the other authors over the past week, enter those too, so slave can draw one of your names out of the basket…to win some lame-ass gift…”
I’m gonna kill you….slowly!  *takes a deep breath*  It’s not lame, I promise.  Those who enter will get a chance at winning the complete signed print set of the Doms of Napa… *lunges at muse*

“Nope. Mine!”  *bares teeth and clutches flogger in tight fists*

*sighs* Even if I have to make another one….a handmade paracord flogger, and some serious swag.    I’ll  be announcing the winner on my  author FB page on 19th, after we gather up the remaining items.  Only two more items to collect. *grins*  Speaking of which,  tomorrow’s stop will be at the lovely BLMorticia  – Erotica With Snark blog .   

“And don’t forget….” *interrupts* “….that slave is pimping her ass out with Benevolent Master.  It’s on sale until the 19th…and she’s cheap…only $2.99.”

That’s it…forget killing you. I’m locking your ass up until the apocalypse occurs. 

“Promises, promises.”  *smirks*  “You got to catch me first.*  *disappears* 

I’d apologize for my muse, but it does no good….Livvy is Livvy and there’s no changing her.  Although I may quit taking her out in public. *sighs*  See ya all  tomorrow!



3744330 - napa valley vineyard sunset on a grunge background.


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