Southern Nights Just Got Hotter!


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The summer nights are heating up to boiling when two men come together to bring peace to a submissive they’ve vowed to protect. Gilded Lily was previously released in 2014 from Loose Id and now ready to see the world with a few updated changes and beautiful new cover. And I’m proud to say an affordable $0.99 for a limited time! The price will then increase to $2.99. With this new series beginning with Lily, Tony, and Adam’s story, the doors into the BDSM world are open for you to explore.

THIS IS NOT FIFTY SHADES OF GREY. There’s no room with whips and fancy devices. Submission is gained with a look, a word, and gesture. A belt. This is not a story for the weak of heart. This is a novel steeped in pain, pleasure, heartache, and redemption. I’ve spared no insight into the mysterious and forbidden world of this fetish. This isn’t a book about a “club”. There are no “scenes of play” or “collars”. This is the story of a broken women incapable of true happiness without the control of her Dominant. The guidance of her Master. The desperation with the need to submit.

This book contains bisexual, MM, MF, FF, MMF pairings.

Lust and fantasy blurs the lines between two men and the broken submissive between them.

Lily Desclose has a dark secret. A passion satisfied by the end of a belt, the grip of rope, the sting of a firm hand. Raised marks reveal the evidence of desire steeped in pain. With a Dom hidden in his own mind, she’s ready to step out of the darkness and touch the hand of a stranger.

When tragedy forces Adam Collins to Lily’s Louisiana plantation home, he arrives with a picture folded in his wallet. The image of a woman’s ample curves hidden under a yellow sundress haunts his thoughts until he reaches out to hold her delicate hand in his own, to fold his fingers over the supple flesh, and lead her into a world her Dom can’t go.

Tony Morretti is the ghost of a Dom who has forsaken the only valuable gift in his life. Staying will fade his fragile sub into despair. Leaving will break her delicate heart. With a past racing to destroy his soul, he must leave. Before escaping into an uncertain future, he trains the stranger he’s come to desire.

In the heart of the South, surrounded by a shadowed history of all things taboo, the truth is complicated. Pain leads to love when a Dominant surrenders his submissive into the arms of the man tempting his forbidden fantasies.