Romance on a Budget




The day of love is quickly approaching. Valentine’s Day holds a special meaning in my heart because my wedding anniversary is on the 12th of February and we celebrate on the 14th. This romantic day doesn’t need to be filled with lavish vacations and expensive nights in a fancy hotel. There doesn’t need to be a wallet busting dinner to be followed by two dozen roses. Cupid is here to gently remind us that we need to slow down and take time for the ones we love. Today I’m suggesting ideas for an affordable, sexy, and fun day that will inspire couples to remember that romance can be experienced everyday without breaking the bank.

First, know your partner’s interests. If you’ve purchased flowers in the past and they sat on the counter to wilt with no attention then you can check that gift off the list. If your significant other is keeping to his/her New Year’s resolution and eating healthy, don’t sabotage their progress by stuffing a box of chocolates under their nose. Lingerie is nice, but let’s think outside the box.

These suggestions vary from free to $50. Intimacy is the goal for your special day. Two people, joined together, to take on the world. Activities to touch on this would be a cooking class scheduled for the evening. Does she like to dance? Salsa or swing dancing is popular and an evening holding each other and shimming to the groove is a perfect way to get the blood pumping for a sexy night. A murder-mystery dinner would be a great time. A night of wine and canvas would let you show your partner your creativity. Paint him a personalized picture while laughing and enjoying a lovely glass of wine. If you’re a beer or wine enthusiast maybe touring your local winery or brewery would be a nice suggestion then hit a little diner on the way home.

Love is free and so are the sexiest activities for Valentine’s Day. Remember the special tokens of devotion that make your partner feel extra special. Send sexy texts while your lover is at work. Drive him/her crazy with naughty talk and the occasional picture. Even sending a sweet smile showing you’re thinking about your partner is a great way to make the day special and built excitement for a romantic evening. For those of you who like to have fun, making a tent in the living room and having a movie night are cozy and cheap. Line up a couple of sexy movies like 9 1/2 weeks or 50 Shades of Grey to get the mood going.

I love a hot bubble bath. Taking a bath for two, if you have a large tub, can be relaxing and intimate. If your bath tub is made for a single person that can be perfect. Devote time to making your partner’s bath sensual and exciting. Light candles, play soft music, use olive oil or vitamin E oil to massage their shoulders and neck. Let them soak while you pamper them for twenty minutes. Making your partner feel special is the goal. Trade spots and let your partner give you the same romantic treatment then it’s off to bed.

Having a fun adventure at a flea market or antique store can be followed by a stop at your favorite coffee shop for a hot cup of Joe and share your favorite muffin. To explore the naughtier side of the holiday open your minds to exploring your fantasies. Try a blindfold and tease your partner with different sensations and they have to guess the item. You don’t have to pull out the flogger and crop to have a little fun with the BDSM concept. A loose necktie around the wrists never hurt anyone. If kissing and roaming your hands all over your partner’s body sounds like a great time, how about you do it in a semi-public place? Take your passion to the edge and keep your lover on her toes.

I hope you enjoy trying these ideas for a romantic and sexy Valentine’s Day while not breaking your wallet. This holiday doesn’t have to mean spending a fortune on flowers that will wilt or lingerie that will only be worn for the five minutes it takes for your partner to rip it off your body. What’s better than a pretty bra and panties? Wait for your boyfriend or husband at the dining room table in your birthday suit! No matter which gift or exciting adventure you decide to have, make it intimate and a reminder that you two love each other more each day.

Happy hearts and kisses!



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