Author Spotlight Posts for 2016



Are you ready to get to know my favorite authors? Here’s your chance! 2016 is the year I share some of the books that made an impact on my life and fueled the excitement for my writing career. I’ll be discussing the author’s writing style and break down the titles that I enjoyed. Each author was gracious enough to take the time to answer a list of questions I thought the reader would enjoy reading. These posts will give insight from not only a readers thoughts, but from a fellow writer as well. 

Here’s the line up:

January 19th Amy Lane

February 16th Megan Hart

March 15th Christa Wick

April 19th Kate Pearce

May 24th Jan Irving

June 21st Angela Verdenius

July 19th Bonnie Dee

August 23rd Kele Moon

September 20th JA Rock

October 25th Lissa Matthews

November 22nd-to be announced


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