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Today’s the exciting day! In His Bed is now live for ebook download. This story is a fun, sassy, sexy story that’s sure get your blood pumping and your thighs shaking. Colin Marshal is a twenty-three year old cop who’s come home from college to find his mom’s best friend is as hot and curvy as the day he’d left. His desire is in overdrive and he must have her in his bed at all costs. Lea Covington is about to turn forty and ready to enjoy her success. After a bitter divorce she’s done dating men who fail to send fireworks shooting from the bedroom. When she sees Colin again her sexual heat blisters her forbidden thoughts as she imagines her legs wrapped around his broad shoulders. The thought could ruin a dear friendship. With Colin’s dominant advances she’s getting worked up and finding it harder and harder not to give into a night of passion they both want. Come take a peek at this new book in the Taboo: Forbidden Fantasy Series. Only $.99! Kiss level: kiss levelkiss levelkiss level

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Please Welcome Amy Lane

Today on the monthly author spotlight I’m welcoming the amazingly talented Amy Lane. Her books have changed the face of gay romance with richly developed characters and emotional plots. I’ve read many books in this genre and Amy’s books have always pulled at my heart and stayed with me long after the last page. I’ll be discussing a few of my favorite titles and how the characters are built on a platform of hurt to triumph in the arms of the men they love.

TRUTH IN THE DARK’s striking cover pulled me in the moment I saw the colorful palate and a lion looming in the background. Like many of Amy’s novels, this book slowly builds, letting the reader get to know the heroes and invest in a personal relationship. The concept was fresh and exciting. This wasn’t a shifter romance. This book was about the soul and how we view beauty. In the dark both heroes are sensual, their bodies perfect for each other. In the light, Knife endures physical challenges. Aerie has been cursed to walk the earth as a beast. Together they find love through experiencing sexual and emotional ties. The book used the senses other than sight to place the reader in middle of this passionate affair.

I followed TRUTH IN THE DARK with SIDECAR. Oh, be still my heart. The plot was spot on romance and in Amy Lane fashion the sexual tension slowly builds so when the love and attraction is revealed you’re on the edge of your seat. What starts as a mentor giving his charge the basics to survive and comfort from loneliness develops into a loving relationship. While one hero struggles with his feelings, the other grows from a teenager to an adult. They find love overcomes all barriers at the right moment. This story made me cry and cheer for the heroes I dearly loved.

I knew CHASE IN SHADOW was going to be a dark and deeply emotional romance, but the journey I took while reading about this broken, loving hero made my heart ache for this young man. I don’t want to reveal too much about this book because the plot is so moving and the hero has to fight all odds to have a healthy life. Love can heal many things and CHASE IN SHADOW proves it’s possible.

When I saw the cover for BEHIND THE CURTAIN I was instantly drawn to the simple, yet elegant, artwork. I really like these types of covers because I know they are going to be character driven and this book didn’t disappoint. A young dancer dedicated to his craft, even at the risk of destroying his health finds love in the arms of a stage hand who is willing to show him life can be more than pushing through what doesn’t make us happy. There is some suspense and that makes for an exciting anticipation as one hero risks everything to be with the man he loves. This plot was touching, while the characters were well thought out. I enjoyed this book from beginning to end.

I’ve read many more of Amy’s books and know that whenever I purchase a title I’m guaranteed to shed tears and burst into laughter. There are plenty of “awe…” moments. Amy writes gay romance for any reader to enjoy. The romance is sensual and builds into a wonderfully endearing connection between the author and the reader. I highly recommend Amy Lane for a lasting placement on your go-to book shelf for quality writing.

Now, let’s have a little fun. Amy was kind enough to let me pick her brain! Take a look…

  1. What is your favorite drink while you’re writing? Iced coffee, sugar free vanilla, kiddie-pool size.
  2. Which song most inspires you to write? Bleed it Out, by LInkin Park
  3. Movies or TV shows?  Either one– as long as it’s fiction. Reality shows make me hurl.
  4. New York or Mississippi? New York
  5. Shifters or Vamps?  A big happy preternatural apartment complex for the terminally furry, the fey, and the undead. (Seriously– that’s my Little Goddess series. I hate making choices.)
  6. What is your favorite Contemporary book right now? Fish Stick Fridays —by Rhys Ford
  7. Stranded on a tropical island…who is there with you? My Mate.
  8. Okay…I need you to elaborate on this one because I’m dying to know the answer! What drives you to write such broken heroes?  Hmm… My own imperfections? The times in my life when I’ve made wrong choice after wrong choice, sometimes from the best of reasons. Teaching for eighteen years and seeing kids fuck up a thousand times worse than I ever had–and wanting something good for them, even after all of that. Maybe a combination of all of it–I’ve realized that some of the greatest people I’ve known have been broken and overcome. I want them to have stories.
  9. Fried or grilled chicken?  Saute`d
  10. Introvert or Extrovert?  Introvert who does good in crowds. As long as I have my introvert time, I’m just fine. Otherwise, I get growly and weepy and whiny and bitchy and some of the other less attractive dwarves.

Extra bonus question!

What is your current WIP?  Fish Out of Water — I”m trying action adventure this time, with a murder mystery thrown in. It’s scary. So many people do a better job than I do!


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Author Spotlight Posts for 2016



Are you ready to get to know my favorite authors? Here’s your chance! 2016 is the year I share some of the books that made an impact on my life and fueled the excitement for my writing career. I’ll be discussing the author’s writing style and break down the titles that I enjoyed. Each author was gracious enough to take the time to answer a list of questions I thought the reader would enjoy reading. These posts will give insight from not only a readers thoughts, but from a fellow writer as well. 

Here’s the line up:

January 19th Amy Lane

February 16th Megan Hart

March 15th Christa Wick

April 19th Kate Pearce

May 24th Jan Irving

June 21st Angela Verdenius

July 19th Bonnie Dee

August 23rd Kele Moon

September 20th JA Rock

October 25th Lissa Matthews

November 22nd-to be announced

Looking Back, Looking Forward.

“Do you have new books out?” Every time I heard the question a little piece of me cringed inside. “No. Not yet.” Gilded Lily, my second book with Loose Id, was released in 2013. The dreaded time for any published author is the space in between. That scary void where no new title lists on the seller sites. Readers are drowning in titles and keeping up with the break neck pace of the ereader can be a stressful and creative nightmare. 

Then all time stopped. I was in the middle of writing Claiming Dane, the follow up to Gilded Lily when my father died in 2014. All creative thoughts had to take a backseat to taking care of family matters. My dad’s wife died a short six months later and the grief process rolled on. Once all the details had been laid to rest, it was time to get back to the creative outlet that let me breathe. I began to write again. I finished Claiming Dane and began writing In His Bed. 

I finally submitted Claiming Dane to my publisher and received feedback from my editor that made my heart drop. My publisher wanted me to change the driving force of Tony, one of the heroes and the Dom from Gilded Lily. I searched my heart and discussed the issue with my mentors and they all agreed to turn down the opportunity to make the changes my publisher wanted and not sign the contract. My heart felt lighter because Tony is a cherished character and I felt I was keeping true to his spirit.

This started the process of research in the self-publishing world.

In His Bed followed and I shelved that book when my health issues escalated. Again, my creative flow had to take a backseat. 2015 was the year of going a thousand miles an hour at work. I’m a registered nurse and work was booming…I take care of mommies and babies. My grief process had lingered and I worked to keep the emotions at bay. It worked for a while, but again my writing suffered. 

October brought about change. My brain was finally on track and I was ready to approach my writing in a new light. I made my books a priority and planned for 2016. Schedules, release dates, and writing followed. I cut back at work and wrote Savior in four weeks. The ideas flowed and I was able to map out releases through 2017. I began my publishing firm, jumping through the government process, and Sinful Escapes Publishing was born.

And that brings us up to January. I celebrated the new year with excitement and joy. Writing is my first love and a natural calling. In 2012 I sent See Me into Loose Id with no expectations to get published. I wanted to experience submitting and was shocked when they contracted my book. When I rang in 2016 I felt a fresh start and ready to see where my writing could take me. Just like when I got “the call” in 2012, I felt the thrill of putting out books for people to enjoy.

So…welcome 2016! I now have two jobs. I am a nurse and I am a writer. Damn, it feels so good to say that. On that note, here’s the 2016 line up for this exciting year.

Book titles and release dates:

In His Bed-first installment in the Taboo: Forbidden Fantasy Series-January 26th

Savior-first installment in the Tattered Club Series-February 22nd

Claiming Dane-second installment in the Hot Southern Nights Series-March 21st

Broken Pieces-New Adult-June 7th

Taboo Book 2 (untitled)-second installment in the Taboo: Forbidden Fantasy Series-July 5th

Damaged-second installment in the Tattered Club Series- December 20th

Cheers to an exciting 2016!

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