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How About A Tease?

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“Goddamn it.” Ben rounded the island and spun the dial to cut the heat to the skillet. The smart choice would be to walk the hell out the front door, but when had he ever been known for being the brains in the room?

The swing, a spur of the moment purchase, had been hauled into the bed of his truck before he truly realized what he’d done. Mrs. Dupree deserved to have the comforts of home when she came to the city. He’d repeated the notion over and over trying to not look in the review mirror at the coward staring back.

Pulling the cap off his head, he ran his palm over the contrasting landscapes of his face. The bilateral façade, a true before and after like one of those make-over pictures online. Only, his submission went in reverse.

What if Luke’s pretty boy pulled up in the driveway? What if he brought ridiculously expensive matching cups of coffee with the cardboard wrap around the center? Shit, probably some douchebag toting blueberry pastries from a swanky deli in the city. What if they sat on the porch swing every evening and talked about pretty boy’s stock purchases and Luke saving some cat from a tree?

He fought the urge to grab the damn drill and take the thing apart. “Shit.” Slipping the cap back on, he headed for the dining room. Several boxes still sat unopened on the floor next to the narrow hallway leading to the first floor bathroom.

“You never cared that I used your toothbrush the times I stayed over at your mom and dad’s, but you acted like sticking your tongue in my mouth was a mortal sin. Some would disagree. Using someone else’s toothbrush is like licking a dog’s ass. It’s just sacrilegious. I think you’d agree after kissing me in Jessica Roger’s bathroom senior year that it’s much better than the prospect of licking a dog’s ass?”

Jesus. That felt like a million years ago. “Maybe. You weren’t that great of a kisser.” When he spun around a shirtless Luke lurked at the base of the stairs, the thin line of dark hair streaked from the base of his flat belly button to disappear under the low hung waist of his jeans.

The sleek muscular ridges framing the narrow hips he’d held onto, pressed hard against the cheap light blue vanity in Jessica’s trailer, made his stomach flip and dive. Just like they had back then.

Now, the same young man, shy with a slight smile when they’d walk into the locker room showers, stood with the confidence of a man who’d fought blazing fires and saved countless lives. Regret strangled the sweet memory.

But, that smile, the same sexy innocent grin Luke had when they’d stood outside the 1994 Ford truck he and his dad had bought from Killman’s junk yard remained. And still caused his dick to thicken and twitch.

“I gotta go.” Pacing toward the door, he paused when Luke leaned against the wooden post at the bottom of the staircase. “What?”

“I hate that hat.”

The screen door knob rested in his hand. One turn and he’d never have to come back. Never have to see the man who reminded him he’d lost his humanity that night at his sister’s. “I’m supposed to give a shit? I like it.”

Turn the fucking knob.

“Mom will love the swing. How much do I owe you? I don’t want you to think I’m expecting anything out of this little class reunion. I’ll pay what you put into it.”

Goddamnit, it was a gift. Not for the smart ass man poking at his inner bear, but for the woman who brought him peach cobbler after every debridement because she’d walked in after one session and knew the intense pain it caused to have half his face scrapped off for new cells to grow.

Lucy’s cobbler always made the desperation to feel human again more bearable. At least until the anxiety meds faded and reality kicked him square in the nuts. Not even peach cobbler could cut through the shadowed nightmares waking him up in a drenched sweat.

There would be no more happy days.

“You don’t owe me anything. You never did. It’s for your mom not for you.”  

“I get it. After about the seventeenth email and countless unanswered messages I stopped knocking my head against the wall, Ben. Nothing’s ever been for me when it came to you. Not when you went to the academy, when you moved to Shreveport without saying goodbye. Not when you kicked me out of your hospital room. I had to read online about the biker you saved in that shootout a couple years ago. They gave you an award and you couldn’t even share that with me.”

Luke’s bare feet silently rested on the wood floor and the impression of the thick smoke drenched walls of the burning house were closing in all over again. Rooting his booted feet, he crossed his arms over his chest, forcing the breaths to come and go through his lungs.

“Then I saw Zach. He said you were home from the hospital and he’d been at your house. The asshole smiled. He actually smiled and said he’d been your medicine. Like, he was some cock sucking god and he’d healed you with one magic fuck. You never even let me touch you, Ben! We spent days, nights, weekends, shifts at the dock together, and you never once let me touch you like that. Forget it. Why are we doing this? Why am I letting you do this? The shit in your head is toxic.”

The click of the vintage screen door resonated in the silence left behind by the words he knew he deserved. Yeah, he’d let their friend come over and suck his dick. It didn’t matter the whole right side of his face was a mangled mess of fresh grafts and raw flesh. Zach had been asking him out for weeks and didn’t give a shit about a relationship. Reality rested between life and death and testing the boundaries to see if he’d actually survived the fire, the scorching air burning his lungs, the searing pain shooting through his face and arm, beating the multiple surgeries made fucking Zach seem like a logical plan at the time.

That plan carried over and the myth between life and death remained an illusion. Sebastian, another casualty of his personal war, blurred into the canvas of emptiness.

The shrill bang of the wooden door snapping closed framed his voice. “Toxic? My head is fucking toxic? Why is it there’s no one else on this planet that pisses me off as much as you do? The guys at the shop think I basically have no fucking emotions because I never raise my voice, I never run my mouth about any drama, and I sure as hell don’t burden anyone with my shit. But, you—I want to punch a goddamn wall every time I think about your stupid face. This is all your fault with your hero, save the day, bullshit. So big deal. You saved the drunk cop who couldn’t stop a fucking madman from blowing his wife’s brains all over the lawn. So. Fucking. What. You’re the only one who’s happy about it.”

The swoosh of the heavy paneled front door skimming his torso narrowly missed his hand when he reached out to open the screen door again. Luke smacked the rectangular leaded glass window in the center crowding the space making the only escape running to the back door in the kitchen.

“Happy?” Luke’s naked chest rose and fell pulling all attention to the perfectly round nipples flattened against the hills of firm muscle. “I’m relieved your family still has a son. An uncle. A brother. Yeah, Damon deserved to see his brother again and your sister’s kids deserved to have their uncle. So, yeah, I’m glad you’re standing here breathing, but I hate you. I hate you, Ben, for being…You!”

The brim of his hat tipped when Luke reached out and popped the bill with his index finger.

“Stop it.” He righted the damn thing and reached for the door handle. “Hate me. You’ve got a long line to stand in, buddy.”

The vibrating rumble in his chest intensified when Luke stepped back and flicked the bill of his hat again, this time sending the worn yellow and purple hat spiraling onto the floor.

The room, at one time, felt airy and relaxing when he’d been up late patching the plaster walls and listening to old Hank William’s songs, but now, with two men standing in the modest room the space suffocated every cell in his body.

Luke’s tight grip snagged his wrist, turning until the pinch forced him to shuffle his feet to keep from tumbling against the smooth taper of his waist.  

“Pick up that hat and I’m putting you in a headlock. I know this isn’t going anywhere. That’s a mutual decision. Trust me. I don’t need your kind of crazy in my life right now. I’ve got enough going on the way it is. Three eggs, wheat toast, strawberry jam. You were always a drama queen with that brooding attitude so I assume since that hasn’t changed your preferences haven’t either?”

The hat stared back like a dead fish waiting to be filleted. Twisting his wrist, he broke free and scratched the flattened hairs on top of his head. It wasn’t like they needed to talk anymore. Everything had been said. They hated each other. They blamed each other. And Zach needed his ass beat for opening his damn mouth.

And, the throbbing head of his dick was ready to bust between the teeth of his zipper.

Cursing the morning sun for casting light sprays through the picture window, he tilted his head to escape the glare. To hide. Sure, the firefighter had seen plenty of burns, but those eyes, the irises flecked with emerald in pools of chestnut, made the scrutiny too personal.

“Your mom’s strawberry jam?”

He could’ve done without the smartass smirk.

“Yeah. Come on. This will be our goodbye. I’m going to mom and dad’s tomorrow and won’t be around for a couple of days. I figure when I get back we can navigate the area to avoid each other. I work in the city, you work in the neighborhoods. We can make it so we don’t end up killing each other.”

Watching the strips of tight sun-bronzed muscles shift along the streamline of Luke’s spine further wound the tightening coil in his stomach. Being a cop had dulled almost every sense, but damn if the man spouting something over his shoulder, didn’t stir every feeling he’d ever tried to bury.

Leaving the hat resting in the sun spot on the living room floor, he walked into the kitchen just in time to watch Luke cracking eggs on the side of the skillet. Crossing his arms over his chest to keep from shoving his hand down the front of his jeans, he hoped Luke didn’t have to bend over for anything. If the guy knew what was good for him, he’d keep the hell upright.

“Yeah, my dick’s hard right now too.”

The taunt made two things happen. At once. That fucking Ying and Yang bullshit crowded the hate-lust combo he’d been sporting since Luke showed up to tour the house. His mouth opened and his cock leaked. The flickering pulses sent heat through his groin tightening his balls. The feeling both enjoyable and fucking painful.


Luke peeked over his shoulder before turning with the spatula gripped in his fist. “I see you’re still a big boy. You should’ve let me suck it that night on the dock. Now, you’ll never know how talented my mouth is and don’t think I didn’t see you jacking off when we went swimming.”

Resting his elbows on the island counter, he leaned over to cradle the mismatched sides of his cheeks in his palms. Anger decided to be a betraying bitch as the memory invaded his skull. It hadn’t been his fault. They’d shed their trunks, and in the safety of the darkness, cannonballed off the half dilapidated dock and swam out to find the cool spots in the water.

“So, yeah—“

He dropped his head when the warm pressure from Luke’s hand wrapped around the base of his neck. Never a surrender, he only needed a quick reprieve.

“I want you to hate fuck me right now. I want you to bang the cum right out of me, but we both know there’s nothing left for us. Think about it. There’s only ever been three kisses anyways.”

“Stop.” Choking out a breath, Ben rolled his forehead against the sweat misting his fingertips. “I don’t want—“

“Yes, you do. You want it as much as I do.” His fingertips rolled in a slow massage. “You want to feel less dead, feel my mouth sucking your dick. I want to escape the fact I always open up, trust the wrong guys. And, I want to swallow the taste of your skin. Five minutes. Ten minutes. Some relief for once. Too bad you’re not—“

The cadence of his heart thrashed inside his chest crashing thought after thought into a drunken haze. “How about you shut up and use that mouth for something else besides talking. Finish this.”

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Leather Masquerade Mask Giveaway

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He’s here! Your knight in shining armor has arrived and is hidden in the pages of my new release Eye Candy. This short story embodies the true nature of Valentine’s Day. Who wants hearts and flowers when you can have a sexy go-go dancer and a handsome chef? One night quickly leads to passion and two men must reveal their fears to find their happily ever after. Sticky and sweet never tasted so good!

Gavin Rossi is one sexy piece of Eye Candy wrapped in a tight body and sweet smile. With his goals on the horizon, he mounts a handsome stranger’s lap and rolls his hips for the tips he’s hoping will get him out of the desperate situation keeping his plans out of reach. The hot breath on his neck, the mesmerizing rhythm, the strong chest rising and falling beneath his hands make for a distraction he’s terrified to see play out. This is a dance. This is a tease. God, this is so much more.

 When Dutch Williamson feels a set of perfectly sculpted thighs slipping over his lap the last thing his liquor hazed brain registers is this is my future. The sweet piece of Eye Candy grinding on his lap is going to cut him at the knees and he knows it. Fierce protection grips his heart and his only hope is the passionate go-go boy will make this private dance last more than one night.

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We Love Boys Who Like Kissing Boys!


Welcome to the world of Boys Kissing Boys! If you love to read steamy, dark erotic romances then you’ve come to the right place. I’m currently taking requests to join my new review team. The content of my books are not for the faint of heart. The men in my stories are desperately broken, pasts laced with pain, and sometimes with futures dim at best. As you read, their journeys bring redemption for some and for others…they are beautifully flawed and remain that way. All my books consist of complete stories without any cliffhangers. I like to write series. From the hard streets on the wrong side of the city to the lush bayou, my settings lend a backdrop that becomes part of the story. I have many exciting new projects lined up for 2017! If you’d like to check out my titles, please see the navigation bar above.

Now for the fun stuff! I will be accepting six members at this time. The expectations will consist of a review on Amazon and Goodreads within one week from the release date. You will receive an advanced reader copy prior to the release date. I will add the six members to my mailing list so they can receive updates regarding new release schedules and giveaways. Yep, ya’ll get free goodies for participating. We’ll establish your formatting requirements for digital book copies and as the print copies become available and your review is posted, you will receive a signed print copy to keep or give away as a gift.

The deadline to send in your information will be December 9th, 2016. List Review Team in the title of the email. Please include your review process history, your Goodreads page, and what you love most about MM books. Once vetted, I’ll be randomly picking six names from the list. If your name is not chosen at this time, you will go on a waiting list then as someone leaves the team or can no longer post reviews per the guidelines, you will be contacted and offered a spot on the team.

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Please Welcome Dakota Trace!

3744330 - napa valley vineyard sunset on a grunge background.

Hi everyone, I’m Dakota Trace and I seriously need to thank Ms. Pauline for allowing me on her blog today. Perhaps she has never seen what one of my blog tours with my muse is like, or is just a brave soul, but either way, I’m happy to be here.  She has just delicious eye candy on her blog. YUM!

“Well, I don’t think this…”  *muse saunters in holding a cup of whipped cream*   “…would be a waste…in fact….*eyes several of the tattooed men* “…it could be put to good use…”

Ah, Livvy, I hate to break it to you, but most of those guys are gay…

*grins*  “So they think.  They’ve never met a muse bent on getting in their pants…”

Dear Lord, give me patience. *takes the cup*  Give me  that. There will be no tempting or corrupting the men of Tattered Club… .wait what I’m talking about. They’d corrupt you. Stay away from them. *shakes finger at muse*  You don’t need anymore ideas to drive me nuts with.

*smirks*  “You know forbidding me to do anything is a sure guarantee I’m going to do it….”

Damn it!  *turns to Pauline*  I’m so sorry…if she shows up at your house. Don’t let her in.  She’ll get your characters in all kinds of trouble…and if she gets a hold of your muse….*shudders*  Lord knows what you’ll end up writing. 

“Such a drama queen…”  *fingers flogger*   “One might think you’re ashamed of me, slave. Seriously what would you do without me? Write sweet romance.”  *blows raspberries*  “and go insane within in a week.  There’s a reason you were given me. You’re one kinky ass little bitch under that nice girl exterior….”

Dear lord, kill me now. *face heats*  We’re not here to talk about my proclivities, Livvy. Remember?   We’re here…

“To tell the readers about your new release and give them the scavenger piece for today….yeah I know, I know…” *mutters under breath something about a good flogging*   “Look, here’s the skinny.  Type in Whipped Cream into that rafflecopter thingy, for today….make sure you hit up the other authors over the past week, enter those too, so slave can draw one of your names out of the basket…to win some lame-ass gift…”
I’m gonna kill you….slowly!  *takes a deep breath*  It’s not lame, I promise.  Those who enter will get a chance at winning the complete signed print set of the Doms of Napa… *lunges at muse*

“Nope. Mine!”  *bares teeth and clutches flogger in tight fists*

*sighs* Even if I have to make another one….a handmade paracord flogger, and some serious swag.    I’ll  be announcing the winner on my  author FB page on 19th, after we gather up the remaining items.  Only two more items to collect. *grins*  Speaking of which,  tomorrow’s stop will be at the lovely BLMorticia  – Erotica With Snark blog .   

“And don’t forget….” *interrupts* “….that slave is pimping her ass out with Benevolent Master.  It’s on sale until the 19th…and she’s cheap…only $2.99.”

That’s it…forget killing you. I’m locking your ass up until the apocalypse occurs. 

“Promises, promises.”  *smirks*  “You got to catch me first.*  *disappears* 

I’d apologize for my muse, but it does no good….Livvy is Livvy and there’s no changing her.  Although I may quit taking her out in public. *sighs*  See ya all  tomorrow!



3744330 - napa valley vineyard sunset on a grunge background.

Hearts Full of PRIDE


I’m so honored to welcome Jonathan and Jacob Balash to my blog. This couple continues working to bring equality awareness and acceptance to their community. I had the pleasure of experiencing my first volunteer day at the Spencer CommUNITY Center last week. My afternoon was filled with laughter and welcoming hugs. This LGBTQ+ center is setting an example for how a smaller city can still participate in equality and support for one another all year round. PRIDE is a state of mind and these two gentlemen are the embodiment of that concept. I want to thank Jonathan and Jacob for participating in this interview and opening their hearts to welcome me into our new found friendship. 

How long has Spencer, Indiana had a PRIDE Festival and what brought PRIDE to your community?

Spencer Pride has hosted an LGBTQ+ festival in our small town for the past 10 years. The festival began as a community picnic hosted by our local PFLAG organization.    Both Jacob and I were founders of the PFLAG and then eventually Spencer Pride as well.   Why did we do it?   We did it because our community needed it. 

What does PRIDE mean to you?

Pride is about educating people about the LGBTQ+ community. It’s about freely expressing ourselves as LGBTQ+ people and allies.    It’s about building bridges between gay and lesbian people and those of the broader community as well.  Pride helps build understanding, cultivates healthy relationships, and makes our community a more welcoming place for all people. 

What inspired you to open the Unity Center?

Having our own center is meaningful to us in many ways. One, it’s a highly visible presence in our downtown and helps to promote what we do.  That gets more people exposed to our organization and gives us more opportunity to educate.   Second, having the center gives us formal space for our meetings and it allows us to offer that space as a free service to other not-for-profit organizations.  And finally, operating the Unity shop is a source of additional revenue for our organization.   Oh, did I mention that we also just LOVE hanging out there?

Why does your community need the Unity Center?

The Spencer Pride CommUnity Center provides educational services to our community. It also helps promote local artists and craftspeople, in turn helping local businesses.

What types of services does the Center offer?

We are a certified Safe Place for youth in need. We are also an LGBTQ+ Safe Zone, providing information about the LGBTQ+ community to those within it as well as those who want to learn about it.  Our center also will be providing free meeting space for local, affirming, not-for-profit organizations.

Can you elaborate on what equality means to you?

Equality is about respecting differences and ensuring that our differences don’t limit our rights. Whether a person loves someone of the same sex or of the opposite sex should not make a difference in who they can marry or where they can work.  It shouldn’t impact the level of service that they get from a medical provider, or the housing opportunities that are afforded to them.  By respecting what makes us each different and ensuring that those differences are celebrated, we can learn more about one another and make our community a better place than how we found it. 

What suggestions do you have to open communication regarding equality and how to have a positive outcome in your community?

It starts with respecting one another. Every person comes from a different place – where they group up, the make-up of their family, their faith community (or lack thereof), their dreams and desires.  If we approach each other understanding that, we are more likely to listen to one another and to build healthy relationships.  Through those relationships, people come to understand the importance of equality for LGBTQ+ people. 

Can you name several important topics in the LGBTQ+ community?

We share the same concerns as the broader population – caring for ourselves, our families, and desiring to fulfill our dreams for a better life. In addition, we struggle with discrimination on so many fronts, including in the workplace.  Many people think that because we fought for – and achieved – marriage equality, everything is now resolved.  That’s far from the truth.  It will take many years to drive institutional and cultural discrimination out. 

Jacob and I have been together for 15 years and have one son, Truman, who is almost 4 years old.  We’ve been through a lot together.  We’ve seen discrimination in the workplace, our neighborhood, and among our family and friends.  We have never been afraid of a fight, however, and so we have done everything in our power to battle against injustice and prejudice.  Spencer Pride provides a forum for us to do that in an organized, local manner.  For Jacob and I, that’s very meaningful. 



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Southern Nights Just Got Hotter!


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The summer nights are heating up to boiling when two men come together to bring peace to a submissive they’ve vowed to protect. Gilded Lily was previously released in 2014 from Loose Id and now ready to see the world with a few updated changes and beautiful new cover. And I’m proud to say an affordable $0.99 for a limited time! The price will then increase to $2.99. With this new series beginning with Lily, Tony, and Adam’s story, the doors into the BDSM world are open for you to explore.

THIS IS NOT FIFTY SHADES OF GREY. There’s no room with whips and fancy devices. Submission is gained with a look, a word, and gesture. A belt. This is not a story for the weak of heart. This is a novel steeped in pain, pleasure, heartache, and redemption. I’ve spared no insight into the mysterious and forbidden world of this fetish. This isn’t a book about a “club”. There are no “scenes of play” or “collars”. This is the story of a broken women incapable of true happiness without the control of her Dominant. The guidance of her Master. The desperation with the need to submit.

This book contains bisexual, MM, MF, FF, MMF pairings.

Lust and fantasy blurs the lines between two men and the broken submissive between them.

Lily Desclose has a dark secret. A passion satisfied by the end of a belt, the grip of rope, the sting of a firm hand. Raised marks reveal the evidence of desire steeped in pain. With a Dom hidden in his own mind, she’s ready to step out of the darkness and touch the hand of a stranger.

When tragedy forces Adam Collins to Lily’s Louisiana plantation home, he arrives with a picture folded in his wallet. The image of a woman’s ample curves hidden under a yellow sundress haunts his thoughts until he reaches out to hold her delicate hand in his own, to fold his fingers over the supple flesh, and lead her into a world her Dom can’t go.

Tony Morretti is the ghost of a Dom who has forsaken the only valuable gift in his life. Staying will fade his fragile sub into despair. Leaving will break her delicate heart. With a past racing to destroy his soul, he must leave. Before escaping into an uncertain future, he trains the stranger he’s come to desire.

In the heart of the South, surrounded by a shadowed history of all things taboo, the truth is complicated. Pain leads to love when a Dominant surrenders his submissive into the arms of the man tempting his forbidden fantasies.



Spring Fling 2016 Review


I attended Spring Fling on May 20-21st in a suburb of Chicago, Schaumburg, which was a lovely area outside the hustle and bustle of the busy Windy City. This particular convention was designed for the writer and industry people, however we are all fans first so it was an enjoyable experience meeting other writers and discovering new authors with titles that sparked my interest.


The Hyatt Regency was the perfect location for this event. The hotel was easy to navigate in order to find the sessions and get back to the room in a timely manner. The room was well appointed and the staff friendly and helpful. The coffee shop was a staple for all the authors and had great little nooks to sit and collect your thoughts. We were served buffet style for lunch and dinner and the final gala event on Saturday night was a plated dinner. The food was fabulous and it was fun sitting at the tables and meeting new people. Everyone was friendly and welcoming with energized discussions about our personal lives and current projects.

I have to admit, the two days were exhausting. Non stop on the go and plugging away at informational sessions was insightful, but at times also overwhelming. On Saturday night I bypassed the gala dinner and dancing for a quiet night in the room with a pizza. I have to thank my good friend Lissa Matthews for talking with me and letting me vent about all the information I had collected. 

Now, onto the carnival of events that whizzed by, filling my brain with wonderful information I’ve already implemented into my new projects and selling techniques on the Amazon powerhouse.

I opted not to pitch to the agents and editors attending from Harlequin, Sourcebooks, Berkley, Penguin Random House, and Entangled. However, I had a grand time letting other writers practice their pitches with me and giving them support as they fought the overwhelming nervous jitters as they prepared to talk with the trad pubs. I also attended a critique session at a round table discussion. That was an eye opening experience. I was proud of myself because I had true insight and something to contribute to the group. I found out I know more than I thought about this business and the craft of writing. I have my mentors to thank for help along this journey. 

I’ll break down the sessions I attended and give a brief statement as to my experience.

Risky Business: Driving Your Career Off the Beaten Path (Jenny Trout): I loved this session. It was one of my favorites. She encouraged us to find new avenues for creativity by taking the leap to change a stale brand and write what inspires because it can lead to great things. This was perfect for me because I followed my heart a couple of months ago and decided to go for broke and exclusively write MM erotic romance. I changed my brand and came out of the box swinging and it paid off. Ms. Trout was entertaining and I left the room energized.

The Art and Science of Writing Deep POV (Jeanette Grey): The handout we received was simple and easy to follow. The information was on point and put writing deep pov into an easy to understand formula. Ms. Grey also touched base on ways to invoke your character and warned against the emotions writing well crafted deep pov can play with the author’s psych. She left plenty of time for questions and discussion. I would highly recommend authors at any level take a course like this. 

How to Sell Books by the Truckload on Amazon (Penny Sansevieri): Holy goodness! This session was incredibly valuable. I, literally, sat in the session on my phone and toyed in KDP and within two hours noticed a rise in my Amazon ranks for one of my books. Keywords, my friends, are the “key” to success. I read the first edition of the book, the same title as the session, a couple of years ago and have now downloaded the updated version. This book is loaded with information of how to ride the Amazon algorithms and keep up with the every changing waves of the virtual book store. Book Link

Plotting Through Characterization (Briana MacPerry): This was a wonderful class and Ms. MacPerry led a meditation session at the end. She combined The Hero’s Journey with building solid character traits to move the plot forward. The only draw back to this session was that she wouldn’t give the presentation hand out unless the attendee signed up for her mailing list. When I went to her website, you have to sign up for classes in order to get the slides from the presentation. I didn’t think that was appropriate considering we had already paid the $250 to attend the sessions in the first place. Other than that, it was an enjoyable class.

New Adult: Is it Just YA with More Sex? (Anne Marie Ortega and Kimberly Sullivan): I had fun in this presentation. It was open discussion and the handout was easy to follow and summed up the basic criteria to be slotted in the New Adult genre. Personally, I love to read this genre and have a New Adult MM book coming out in October, so this class was very interesting. Ann Marie was charming and her book review site is a great place to find interesting New Adult titles. New Adult Book Reviews

As for Leveraging the ‘Social’ and the ‘Media’ in Social Media to Sell Books (Joanna Shupe and Sonali Dev): I didn’t get a solid base of information from this session. It was fairly disorganized and I have a bottom line…does the promo sell books? If not then ditch it. At the end of the class I raised my hand and asked the presenters if their adds on Facebook sold more books, the short answer was “No”. I added the benefit of Instagram and Tumblr for the younger audience. Again, I didn’t get much out of this one.

What Readers Want: Exploring “Diverse Books Don’t Sell” and Other Publishing Myths (large panel): Bottom line, finding books with multi cultural characters is difficult. Finding authors who write characters with diverse ethnic backgrounds is challenging and this panel encouraged authors to explore writing characters from multiple cultures.

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The author signing period lasted four hours and was fun. I purchased print books for my friends and co-workers to share. I also shared the swag I received in the welcome bag. 

I learned a great deal while attending this con and one theme was evident…FAN FIC IS HUGE! I’ve never written fan fiction nor do I care to dive into that realm, but Christina Lauren started the Beautiful Bastard series from Twilight fan fic and the series exploded. So, that might be an avenue some writers could explore for inspiration when their creative spark has fizzled.

Overall, I enjoyed this conference. While face paced, I learned a great deal and will attend in 2018. The price was affordable. The con was $250 and the room $246 for two nights. Total I spent was approximately $700. 

I started spring off with a bang and can’t wait to attend Spring Fling again. I look forward to meeting more new authors. If you have any questions about the information I received at any of the sessions, feel free to email me at and I can send additional comments.